10 Observations Prior to Federer vs Djokovic at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals

  1. Novak Djokovic has dropped only one set in the last 2 months
  2. Djokovic has finally caught up when it comes to head-to-head match-ups and they now have won 21 times each against each otherfed vs djok h2h
  3. Federer won in Basel in October but did so in somewhat uninspiring fashion, dropping 3 sets along the way. He has also lost matches to John Isner and Albert Ramos-Viñolas in last month.
  4. Federer has struggled against Djokovic on slower surfaces (see Indian Wells and Rome) and the indoor surface in London is notoriously slow.
  5. To follow this point up, Federer said in a press conference this week, “Seems like whoever takes charge of the baseline – and if you cannot serve your way out of trouble often enough, which is hard to do here because of the pace of the court – the guy from the baseline wins, the better one. That’s why we see some crushing scores.”. This sounds like a plus for Djokovic.
  6. If Djokovic loses than he will fall out of the top 5 of the best all time seasons based on winning percentage (95.2%). You better believe Novak is a aware of the historical context of his season so don’t expect his play to drop.
  7. Will Federer be holding back in the round robin tournament knowing he may face Novak again later in the week?
  8. If Djokovic plays like he did against Nishikori than nobody has a chance to beat him
  9. The 3 set format plays into Federer’s favor. Federer has not beaten Djokovic in a 5 set match since the 2012 Wimbledon semi-finals but is 2-2 against him in three set matches this year.
  10. If Federer can keep the ball away from Djockovic’s backhand in his service game than he has a pretty good chance of winning the match.



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