MTL Coach of the Month: Erik W. in Westminster, CO

MyTennisLessons would like to congratulate Erik W. in Westminster, CO, for being chosen as our coach of the month for July. Erik has taught in both the Indianapolis and Denver areas with MyTennisLessons and found new clients through our service when he relocated. As a former college player who studied tennis management, Erik is capable of catering his teaching style to a wide range of students, but loves working with developing junior players. Meet Erik, our coach of the month!


1. As a former Division I tennis player, what advice do you have for students hoping to reach that level?


Develop a routine and stick to it. Work hard; listen to your coach. Do things that other players aren’t willing to do to get better. Don’t be afraid of competition and losing. In the end, it will make you a better person and player. Play players better than you.


2. You graduated with a degree in business with an emphasis in tennis management. How has that contributed to your coaching style?


It has help me to learn to deal with people, and the many different personalities they have and to sometimes cater my teaching style to their personality — optimize my skillset. It has help me to organize my time and treat my time like a commodity.



3. You like to emphasize cardio in your tennis lessons. What sort of drills or exercises can a client expect from you?


Clients can expect a high impact aerobic workout with instruction. Through my experiences people want less talking and more hitting, with instruction when they’re repeatedly making mistakes. I can cater my teaching style to whomever I’m teaching and their ability level to make sure they’re learning and having fun. This includes everyone from kids to adults. You can’t talk someone into being a better tennis player. Students need to hit tennis balls and a lot of them.


4. What’s one of your favorite success stories with a student?


I have a recent success story, A young boy signed up recently for a package of lessons with me. He is really great kid with a very good attitude, very eager to learn and puts forth great effort. His mother told me after our first lesson how much fun he had and how much he was looking forward to the next lesson. Recently his coach of a few years moved, whom he really enjoyed and his mother wasn’t sure how he’d react to a new pro so soon. We had our second lesson earlier this week, and the lesson went by so fast he didn’t want to go and couldn’t believe it was over and can’t wait to get back on the court again. I love teaching kids like this and will bend over backwards to make sure they get the most out of their ability.


5. Can you talk about your experience with MyTennisLessons? How has it furthered or changed your career in tennis? 


MyTennisLessons has been great for me. My wife and I moved to Denver from Indianapolis  last August for her job and I have been accruing lessons ever since. I enjoy getting the new lesson package signup email and believe the staff puts their best foot forward for their teaching professionals. I look forward to many more productive years with


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