Tennis Tournament Tourism: Travel Around the Netherlands

The Topshelf Open, also known as Rosmalen Grass Court Championships, is another stop on the way to the grass court major Wimbledon. It takes place in Rosmalen, just one hour away from Rotterdam and Amsterdam. So, once you watch the pro players preparing for the next Grand Slam, you should also take the chance to visit two of the biggest and most popular cities in the Netherlands.

Tennis aside, if you were at this tournament you would have encountered a surprising, unusual and frankly beautiful situation on the court. Martin Emmrich, a German doubles player, proposed to Michaella Krajicek from Netherlands right after she fought through a three setter (6-3 4-6 6-1) against Jana Cepelova. What better way to express your eternal love than on the tennis court.

Now that that’s out of the way, get ready to explore the first of two major cities in the Netherlands!

Amsterdam - canal tourA 50 minute drive away from Rosmalen, you’ll find the capital city of Amsterdam. First thing you need to do visiting Amsterdam is going on a canal tour through the city. The canals who lead along monuments, city center, historic parts and magnificent architecture, were originally used for defense and transport in the 17th century. You shouldn’t miss out on this unique experience, especially since the canal ways are now considered a UNESCO monument as well.

Interested in art? Stop by the Van Gogh Museum where you’ll have the pleasure of seeing around 200 paintings, prints, and correspondence by famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. During his lifetime he sold just one single painting, while now if you own just one you’d never have to work another day in your life.

If you want to end your day with some serious excitement, visit the Leidseplein, the center of Amsterdam’s entertainment scene. You’ll encounter several nightclubs, movie theaters, concert venues, casinos and “coffee shops” to have an enjoyable, if not unforgettable, time.

Rotterdam - Hotel New YorkThe city of Rotterdam, located on the North Sea, is known for having one of the largest ports in the world. If you’re really looking to visit Rotterdam in style, stay at the Hotel New York. It is a luxury hotel with signature towers and a spinning weather clock. It’s one of the most famous landmarks in Rotterdam and a special place to relax for both, visitors and locals.

Rotterdam - BazarFor a little break, stop at the Bazar, which is a unique restaurant and cafe, decorated with colourful tables and beautiful lamps. Looking at the menu, you can choose from a variety of middle eastern and North American dishes.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a great city trip without a bit of shopping. Have your credit card handy and go to Pannekoekstraat (Pancake Street) to explore the Bohemian side of the city. You’ll have the choice between antique and designer boutiques allowing you to fill your closet with the latest vintage fashion!


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