The 15 Best Shots of the 2015 ATP Season

Many casual fans only tune into the Grand Slams and in doing so miss out on a variety of outrageous shots throughout the year. From tweener lobs to filthy volleys, the men on the ATP tour brought this year from the trick shot department. This list could easily have been compiled of 25 different shots but for viewer consumption we’ll stick to the ten best (…and a bonus). Enjoy.

15. “Boris Becker would have been proud of that.”

14. “How do you get that much power from that position?”

“I don’t know you’re asking the wrong guy”

13. “Simply can’t ask for any more.”

12. “Incredible gets and what heart!”

11. “That was ridiculous”

10. This hot shot might have been the highlight of Flavia Pennetta’s year.

9. “Ohhhh, stop it”

8. “One for the highlight reel”

7. No one else on tour even tries to hit this ball.

6. You may not have ever heard of Marius Copil, but you have now.

5. “Fake and Bake, Ricky Bobby style.”

4. “With surely the point of the tournament”

3. “Absolutely scandalous”

2. “Breathtaking tennis from all four”

1. “Ohhh, come on”

Bonus: He can do it all



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