Top 10 Tennis Related Twitter Accounts to Follow

I wonder what Andy Roddick has been up to since retiring? Do you have any idea what happened in the semi-finals in Basel last week? Did you know that Brad Gilbert fancies a proper rose wine cocktail? Twitter can answer all of these questions and more, but it’s all about knowing where to look. We’ve broken down the 10 twitter accounts (besides @mytennislessons of course) that are must follows for any tennis fan.

1. Ivo Karlovic, @ivokarlovic
If you are looking for an athlete who is down to earth, has a cheesy sense of humor, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind then he’s your guy. Karlovic consistently churns out tweets that make you giggle. Relentless Twitter game.

2. Not Roger Federer, @pseudofed
One of the best sport parody accounts out there. It would be great if a sportsman could handled their athletic decline with this kind of sense of humor.

3. Andy Roddick, @andyroddick
Any tennis fan knows Roddick has never been afraid to speak his mind and his twitter account certainly reflects that. Now that he works for Fox Sports 1 he shows an interest in not just tennis but all things sports.

4. Andrea Petkovic, @andreapetkovic
The German, a former top 10 player, has a huge personality on and off the court. She seems like the kind of quirky hip person you would want to grab a hefeweizen with.

5. Caroline Wozniacki, @CaroWozniacki
One half of one of the more famous sports couples, Wozniacki was always willing to give people a look into their lives. After a bit of tabloid nonsense however, she hasn’t been as forward with her time with Rory McIlroy. Thankfully she has enough personality for the both of them.

6. Brad Gilbert, @bgtennisnation
The former tennis coach and current analyst is one of the more active tweeters out there. About twenty times a day he could be tweeting about the Oakland Raiders game, what kind of cocktail he’s made himself, or the play by play of an obscure tournament quaterfinal. Eccentric to say the least.

7. Darren Cahill, @darren_cahill
Not as over the top as Gilbert with more precise tennis analysis. Always on top of a tournament and spot on with analysis.

8. Maria Kirelinko, @mkirilenko

No, I don’t speak Russian. No, I don’t know what her tour ranking is. I do know however, that Maria Kirilenko is a stunner. A bit of fashion and beauty anyone, male or female, can appreciate.

9. Tennis Tweets, @tennistweets

You want the latest tennis news right when it happens? This is the only follow you’ll need.

10. Tomas Berdych, @tomasberdych

It appears that at this point in his life Berdych is more concerned with making puns with the aid of 80’s hair band rock video’s and Fawlty Tower memes than playing tennis (see his 1st Rd loss last week to our Twitter hero Karlovic!). I totally condone this trend by the way.


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