Your Thoughts on Tennis Explained by Frank Underwood

We’re pretty sure if Frank Underwood played tennis he would be a ruthless competitor who would plot more than a few conniving ways to win. Perhaps you’re a bit kinder on the tennis court, but nothing can express how you feel about a poor line call better than one of F.U.’s infamous side-eye glances. House of Cards fans, here’s your thoughts on tennis explained by your favorite fictional president.

1. If you’ve ever had to wake up for an 8 a.m. Saturday tennis match.

2. If you’ve ever had to shake hands with an obnoxious opponent.

3. When you’re talking to your doubles partner between points and may be a bit too hyped on adrenaline.

4. When you look at the draw and smugly realize you’re playing someone who you’ve beat before.

5. When you’re up a set and then you start choking.

6. If you’ve ever had a match delayed by weather and start to get anxious.

 7. When your opponent makes a bad call and an eyebrow raise is necessary.

8. When you make awkward eye contact with your opponent as you’re changing sides of the net.

9. If you’ve ever been a tennis camp counselor and dedicated weeks to coaching small children in the summer heat.

 10.  If you’ve ever had to play a challenge match against a friend to determine the team lineup and don’t know how to deal.

11. When your tennis coach makes you run after practice and you’re already exhausted.

12. And finally, when that competitive spirit comes out and you show no mercy on the tennis court.

Yes, Francis.


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